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Orthopaedic Nursing Journal

Orthopaedic Nursing, an international journal providing continuing education for orthopaedic nurses, focuses on a wide variety of clinical settings – hospital unit, physician's office, ambulatory care centers, emergency room, operating room, rehabilitation facility, community service programs, the client's home and more.

The journal provides departmental sections on current events, organizational activities, research, product and drug information, and literature findings. Articles reflect a commitment to professional development and the nursing profession as well as clinical, administrative, academic, and research areas of the orthopaedic specialty. 

    The National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses (NAON) and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins are pleased to join together and present the Orthopaedic Nursing website. This site was constructed to provide online access to important information and materials to NAON members, journal subscribers and other site visitors. 

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