Infection Prevention and Control Education and Resources

NAON has partnered with the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in their National Nursing Infection Control Education Network (NICE). This partnership strives to provide real-time, tailored infection control training to orthopaedic nurses and improve infection prevention and control practices known to be effective in preventing exposure to Ebola virus disease and other emerging infectious diseases.

Why is this significant?

Orthopaedic nurses play a critical role in preventing and controlling infectious diseases by providing a biologically safe environment. The increasing number of emerging diseases often forces nurses to take on additional roles outside of their normal duties. This includes roles in environmental cleaning and waste management, amongst others, to prevent Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), and more specifically, Surgical Site Infections (SSI), which lead to negative patient outcomes.

The scope of orthopaedic nursing practice includes interventions and education of staff, patients and family members regarding these important prevention measures. With the evolution of emerging threats and ongoing issues such as healthcare-associated infections, you and your colleagues must be equipped to understand, follow and teach infection control procedures to protect yourselves and your patients.

What is the initiative?

Throughout the next year, NAON will be offering various educational opportunities where orthopaedic nurses can expand their knowledge and skillset in handling infection prevention control and best practices. The education will be delivered via:

  1. A free, live webinar, “Core Practices in Infection Prevention and Control for the Orthopaedic Nurse,” which will be recorded and available on the NAON website for both members and non-members at no charge. CNE is provided by the CDC.
  2. Dedicated space on the NAON website with CDC infection control materials and relevant links to additional information
  3. Promotion of infection materials through e-mails, social media channels, and the NAON News Blog

By attending these continuing education sessions, we anticipate that orthopaedic nurses will be able to:

  1. Describe tailored infection prevention and control education and coaching for workers, some of whom will be other healthcare workers (train-the-trainer)
  2. Discuss the preparation of policies and procedures to ensure adherence to infection prevention and control best practices
  3. Assess, evaluate and revise the application of infection prevention and control measures, especially when applied to highly contagious diseases, often in collaboration with other IC team members
  4. Implement practice changes in the clinical setting that reflect current evidence and recommendations

Be on the look-out for e-mails and announcements for the time, place and faculty of these events.


This webpage will be stocked with continuously updated resources to supplement your infection prevention and control programming.

Web resources include:

Tune in to Safe Healthcare: A CDC Webinar Series

CDC, in collaboration with various clinical partners, presents the webinar series, Tune in to Safe Healthcare, which focuses on a variety of infection control and prevention topics. These webinars feature CDC and external experts and serve as a tool to educate healthcare providers on best practices to improve patient safety. Webinars are offered free of cost with an opportunity to earn continuing education.

For past webinars you may have missed, please visit the CDC's Tune in to Safe Healthcare page.

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