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Questions? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve collected our frequently asked questions and provided the answers on this page. Simply click on a question to see the answer!

1. Where can I find my login and/or password?

Your default login may or may not be your membership number, which can be found on your membership card. If it is not your membership number, it will be your email.

You can change or reset your password by logging into the NAON website, clicking on "My Options" in the top right corner of the site, and then selecting "My Profile." Click on the three dots icon (left hand side, next to the Profile tab) and click on "Change Password" under the drop down menu.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact the National Office at 800.289.NAON (6266) to have your login and/or password restored..

2. How can I obtain proof of my membership?

You can print off your membership card by logging into the NAON website with your username and password. Click on the "Membership Card” button located on the homepage. You will be taken to a new screen and will be prompted to print your membership card. 

3. Why am I not receiving the member discount on products?

Be sure you are logged in! If you have already logged in and are not receiving member discounts, please call the National Office at 800.289.NAON (6266) for additional assistance.

4. How can I join NAON?

To join NAON, go to "Tools & Resrouces" and then select "Join". Pick on the membership type title, submit your payment, and you’ll be a member!

5. How can I get involved with NAON?

Fill out a Willingness to Serve form and you will be contacted with further details!

6. How can I contact NAON's National Office?

E-mail: naon@orthonurse.org

Phone: 800.289.NAON (6266)

Fax: 312.673.6941

Mailing address: 330 North Wabash Ave., Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60611

7. Does NAON have a job board?

NAON partners with Naylor to provide opportunities for facilities/organizations and nurses to find one another. To view current job postings, click here.

8. Does NAON offer scholarships and grants?

The NAON Foundation works to raise funds for scholarships and grants. Visit www.naonfoundation.org for more information on how to apply or to make a donation.

9. How do I become certified?

Refer to the Certification Page for information on becoming an ONC or to register for an upcoming ONC exam.

10. When is the next Annual Congress?

NAON’s 43rd Annual Congress will be from May 6th - May 9th, 2023 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. 

11. When is the next review course for the certification exam?

All scheduled courses are listed in NAON’s Event Calendar.

12. Are there education programs in my area?

All scheduled programs are listed in NAON’s Event Calendar.

13. Is there a chapter or affiliate in my area?

To find out if there is a chapter or affiliate in your area, view the Chapter Directory.

14. How can I find a receipt for my order?

You can view invoices for any purchases made on the NAON website by clicking on "My Options,” then selecting "My Profile" in the top right corner of the webpage. From there, click on the "Transactions" tab to view and download your receipts.

15. Where can I find information about Orthopaedic Nurses Week?

Click here for more information on Orthopaedic Nurses Week.

16. How do I navigate the new NAON website?

Click here to download our helpful website webinar. 

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