Present a Session at the 2014 AAOS Annual Meeting!

AAOS Annual Meeting, March 11-15, 2014

Each year, NAON hosts nursing courses as part of the Nursing and Allied Health Program. For the first time this year, NAON is collecting abstracts for these courses! NAON's goal each year is to have 70% physician presenters, and 30% allied health professional presenters.

Presentations are 20-30 minutes and cover the following topic:

• Orthopaedic Oncology

• Sports Medicine

• Osteoporosis

• Total Joint

• Pharmacology related to Orthopaedics

• Unusual Orthopaedic Conditions

• Spine

• Trauma

Will your Orthopaedic physician be attending the Academy's Annual Meeting next year? Forward along this opportunity to speak and represent your hospital or practice to them as well!

Sumbit a Proposal:

To submit a proposal for the Nursing Program at the AAOS Annual Meeting, visit: www.orthonurse.org/aaosproposal. The deadline for submission is April 29, 2013.

Please visit NAON's Online Presenter Resource Center orthonurse.org/presenters for all presenting opportunities with NAON or contact NAON at naon@orthonurse.org or 800.289.6266 if you have any questions.

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