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Don't Miss Your Opportunity to Vote on the Future Leaders of NAON!

In accordance with NAON's Bylaws and Policies, the ballot must be sent to all voting members 120 days prior to the opening of Congress and voting must be completed by a date set by the Executive Board. This year, voting will be available on-line until 11:59 p.m. CST on Feb. 11, 2013 .

The positions up for election this year are: President Elect, Treasurer and two (2) Directors. Members can access candidate information and position statements for each person on the ballot. Familiarize yourself with the candidates and cast a vote for your choice(s).

As in recent years, the 2012-2013 NAON Elected Leadership Ballot page is available online. Keep in mind, it is not necessary to have an e-mail address or a personal computer to vote. Ask a friend or relative for access to their computer, visit your local public library, or ask your employer for Internet access in order to cast your vote.

Follow these easy steps if you wish to access the vote page directly from this e-mail.

* Click on this link: 2012-2013 NAON Elected Leadership Ballot page
* Log on as a member using your Username and Password
* Read through the information on each candidate and then click on the vote link or the vote icon
* Follow the directions on the page and cast your vote(s)

Members also can access the vote page from the NAON Web site by clicking on the large "Vote" icon to the left.

It is important to note that votes cannot be altered after submission, and no one will have access to any individual member's vote.

If you have questions, concerns, need your membership number and password, or would like to request a paper ballot, contact the National office at naon@orthonurse.org or 800.289.NAON (6266).


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