Ambulatory Care Group Membership Bundle

NAON is pleased to offer this membership bundle for those nurses and allied health professionals working in ambulatory care settings and physician offices.  This membership is ideal for facilities that have over 10 current and/or potential NAON members, and provides many benefits to advance their careers and knowledge in orthopaedics. Benefits include:

  • Ease of joining. Employer facility will pay one flat rate and employees sign up on the NAON website using a discount code that allows them to join and access the provided resources.
  • Full Premium member benefits. This includes free monthly webinars, hard copy and online access to the Orthopaedic Nursing Journal, discounts on all NAON education offerings, and monthly updates from the organization.
  • Group discount to attend NAON’s Annual Congress


Purchase of this package includes:

  • NAON Premium Membership
  • Physical copy of Orthopaedic Surgery Manual and digital access copy
  • Physical copy of Core Curriculum 8th Edition and digital access copy*
  • Group discount to NAON's Annual Congress
  • Free access to NAON Practice Points
    • Acute Pain Management
    • Chronic Pain
    • Compartment Syndrome
    • Non-Union/Delayed-Union
    • Postoperative Delirium
    • Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
    • Postoperative Urinary Retention
    • Pressure Injury

*Please note, the Core Curriculum 8th Edition is currently a pre-order and physical textbooks will be mailed in Summer 2021 once they are available. Digital access will be granted at the same time.

The Orthopaedic Surgery Manual is a physical resource that will be mailed to you.

Please allow up to 48 hours (2 business days) after submitting payment, for NAON Staff to provide relevant access and discount codes for your group to use.


Pricing is tiered based on number of members:

Up to 10 members                               $3,600

Up to 15                                               $5,400

Up to 20                                               $7,200

Up to 25                                               $9,000

Up to 30                                               $10,750

Up to 35                                               $12,000

Up to 40                                               $13,000

40 + members                                   Contact NAON HQ for pricing


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