Acute Pain Management Algorithms for the Adult Orthopaedic Patient

Authored by two experts in pain management, the NAON Acute Pain Management Algorithms for the Adult Orthopaedic Patient delivers current scientific and clinical research information that can be used in your daily nursing practice. These excellent algorithms provide evidence for collaborative discussions with other clinicians such as nurses, pharmacists, and physicians toward development, implementation, and evaluation of quality pain treatment plans for adult orthopaedic patients. There are a total of six documents. Two algorithms contain extensive material about the post-operative adult orthopaedic patient related to being opioid-naive and opioid tolerant. One algorithm displays information related to dosing for IV PCA analgesics in the adult orthopaedic patient. Three algorithms address prevention and treatment of common side effects associated with analgesics:  constipation, nausea, and pruritus. A current reference list is included for additional pain management information.  Copyright 2013.

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